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Our custom frames are high in demand, and we have over 40 years of experience in working with a diverse range of clients. FrameWarehouse offers a broad selection of mouldings and frames to ensure you get precisely what you’re looking for.

If you own something that you think is worth framing, we encourage you to bring your items to our store in Ashgrove, we’ll carry out a free design consultation and guide you through our fantastic framing options.

When framing historic or vintage pieces, consider the frame colours that would have been used when the art was new. For, an antique French poster for example, that could mean a gold frame, whereas an antique painting of a Dutch landscape may have been in a darker, denizened frame. Decor should not dictate your frame designs. Well framed art will far outlive the room decor.

Why use a mat board?

Limited edition prints tend to be highly valuable and need to be kept in good condition away from the glass in order for them to keep their collectability value. Artworks, Pastels, watercolours, paintings and papyrus' need to be near acid free materials.

Rag Conservation Mats – 100% cotton core and backing, acid-free and lignin-free.

Designer Mats – Suede, Silk and Linen offer unique textures and finishes for that more luxurious finish.

Standard Mats – Acid-free on the backing only.

What light protection does my glass give?

Clear Glass - The most common choice for picture framing due to its availability and low cost. Clear glass will protect against dust and marks but only provides 45% UV protection.

Non-Reflective Glass / Diffused - Is etched on one side to diffuse reflection this ensures you see your artwork, even when it is hung in an area with lots of light. It does not reflect UV light and therefore provides no protection against UV light fading. It is not recommended for pictures with fine printing or detail  since some clarity is lost. The loss of clarity is further emphasised when the glass is spaced away from the artwork, using mat boards or spacers, it is 45% UV.

Conservation 99% Clear Glass - Is used to protect art and objects of importance from fading when framed. The UV glass has 99% ultra violet protection. Recommend for valuable and irreplaceable work.

Non-Reflective / Diffused 99% Glass – 99% UV protection, with the addition of an etched side to diffuse reflection.

Recommended for valuable works hung on a wall with reflective light.

Art Glass - Art glass is the premium glass 99% UV protection offering the highest brightness and contrast levels available. In fact, its near invisible. Fantastic for spaced back items and small writing which looks like its not there.

Our staff are always available to offer our clients the highest quality picture framing expertise.

All work guaranteed, quality workmanship, 43 years experienced, CBD !!

We specialise in custom frames for items including:

  • Posters
  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolours
  • Photographs
  • Wedding and holiday memorabilia
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Papyrus
  • Mirrors
  • Needlework
  • Tapestry
  • Football Jersey
  • Records
  • Medals
  • Plates
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Framing a needlework or tapestry?

Should I use glass? If so, should I choose clear, non-glare or conservation glass? Is a spacer or a mat board required, and what size and colour border? Should the mat board size match the size of the frame? The questions may seem endless, but Frame Warehouse has the experience and expertise to ensure your needlework and tapestry looks amazing. 

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Framing an oil painting?

What size frame looks best? Small or large? Timber or synthetic? Will I stretch the oil over a stretcher bar or mount it down onto an MDF board? Do I want a frame with a slip, or should I use mat boards on my painting to pick up the colour to match my walls or soft furnishings?  Bring your paintings to Frame Warehouse in Ashgrove to ensure the right decisions are made, the first time.

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Framing papyrus?

Is floating or matting the best option? There are many ways to frame papyrus, and with our custom frames, you can rest assured we’ll treat it carefully, keep it safe, and ultimately, make it look great!

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Framing pastel or watercolours?

Why does an artist prefer matting and clear glass opposed to non-glare glass? Framing plays a major part in how a piece will be viewed, and we’ll find the right solution to complement your work, rather than overshadow it.

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Framing memorabilia? 

Do you have a football jersey, medals, records, plates, signed collectables, or maybe a favourite CD cover? Our team of experts in Ashgrove can advise you on the most appropriate way to custom-frame your memorabilia.

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Have you had professional framing done before? 

Or have you perhaps bought a frame at a cheaper price off the shelf that doesn't quite fit your picture? Picture framing is a specialised industry and, at Frame Warehouse in Ashgrove, we provide the information you require to correctly frame your artworks.

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Framing limited edition and numbered prints?

Why not glue or mount these prints down? Is a mat board required, or would a double mat board look better? Limited edition prints tend to be highly valuable and need to be kept in good condition in order for them to keep their collectability value. To glue down a numbered print would be an absolute crime, but Frame Warehouse can talk you through alternative framing options.

For custom frames to match your unique pieces of art, call us today on 07 3355 3377!

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